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PRP injection

 Skin care greatly delays the appearance of wrinkles and many problems, the most important of which may be the stage of puberty and adolescence, because the ongoing transformation in the body as a result of the hormones related to puberty directly affects the skin

This is clearly evident in the appearance of acne, and with the passage of time it may leave unpleasant effects, except for wounds, bruises, burns and infections that do not leave your skin completely clear, so plasma treatment is very good to return your skin pure and clear without impurities or problems,

It is also used for hair and helps re-grow it by nourishing the follicles and achieves positive results in preventing its loss


Skin Care with PRP

 Plasma is one of the materials used for more than one purpose. It can be used for hair. It effectively prevents fall in men and women. It also has a prominent role in delaying genetic baldness. Plasma is also used to treat some deformities resulting from minor degrees of skin burns.

Plasma is extracted from the person’s own blood. A very small amount of blood is withdrawn and inserted into a centrifuge, which in turn separates the components of the blood and produces a yellowish liquid, which is the plasma. It is injected directly into the scalp or skin using very small needles of short length.


Advantages of PRP Injections 

  • Effective results

Whether it is for hair or skin, it restores its freshness and softness, as well as stimulates the production of natural collagen

  • Low coast

It does not cost much compared to other products that do not achieve the desired results immediately

  • Safe

It undergoes an intensive sterilization process to avoid infection and is safe from products of unknown composition and origin

  • A quick

Don't waste time and effort, just minutes for the session and you can go about your day's activity with ease

  • No side effects

Without any side effects, however, it must ensure the sterilization element away from contaminants


PRP injections At Novello 

The most skilled doctors in Novello perform the process of separating the blood plasma "stem cells" in a very safe and practical way, and then injecting them into the skin or hair scalp smoothly without pain, our medical staff can be consulted before the procedure