The skin is one of the largest organs vital of the body in terms of size and area, and it is classified as one of the types of immunity to the body, as it protects the body and the tissues under it from external factors and the pollutants surrounding it. The skin is exposed to problems that go beyond wounds and bruises, so that the general shape becomes distorted as a result of scars and traces of wounds and burns. The skin and its problems are treated in a practical way and using the latest technological technologies that have proven their effectiveness and effect in treatment in an excellent manner at the Novello Center with the best expert medical staff and the highest level of professionalism


Types of Detection At Dermatology Clinics

There are two types of dermatological examination, namely, skin and hair, and it is considered one of the most important treatments that patients receive in skin care and help to restore its freshness and treat various problems such as wrinkles and scars and improve the condition of the skin and lips in general, and for hair, it treats the causes of hair loss and lack of growth, and treats Perfectly split ends, clumping, and jealousy problems


Features of the Dermatology Clinic at Novello Clinic 

Examinations are carried out in the expert hands of experienced and professional doctors

- Availability of the best and one of the devices for examination

Provides various treatments for all skin and hair problems

- Affordable cost for all skin services and treatments

Availability of the element of safety while following precautionary measures and sterilization

A proper and correct diagnosis means appropriate treatment


The Best Dermatology Clinic In Egypt, Novello Clinic

The most skilled doctors at Novello , our medical staff can be consulted before any procedure

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We care about beauty

نوفيللو كلينك

We care about beauty


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All rights reserved - Owned by al reyada medical

All rights reserved - Owned by al reyada medical