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ديرما بن

Derma Ben

كثيرًا ما تتضرر البشرة كثيرًا بسبب عوامل التقدم في العمر والتعرض لأشعة الشمس خصوصًا بدون وضع واقي الأشعة فوق البنفسجية، عدا عن الالتهابات والجروح واثار حبوب الشباب، كل تلك العوامل تؤثر على مظهر البشرة بشكل كبير وتسبب مشاكل على المدى الطويل، ولكن عيادة نوفيللو كلينك تقدم أفضل العلاجات لحل مشاكل البشرة من ندبات وكلف وبقع وتصبغات والمسام الواسعة عن طريق الديرما بن العملي 

What is dermapen 

The Dermapen is a pen consisting of 12 needles in which the skin is pricked quickly and precisely. The last period 

How does dermapen work 

Dermapen works very naturally without any additives, so Dermapen, through its needles, pricks and punctures the skin and wounds it in a way that does not leave a trace and does not cause pain, which prompts the nerve endings to send messages to the brain that encourages the skin to produce natural collagen and elaine, which plays a vital role It hides fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, improves its texture, and eliminates the effects of scars and skin pigmentation. 

Features of dermapen 

  • effective treatment
  • Solves skin problems such as pigmentation, scars and wrinkles
  • Low cost
  • It does not need to waste time and money, as is the case in medical products and chemical preparations
  • Improves the texture and appearance of the skin
  • It makes the skin recover by itself magically
  • There are no chemical products
  • Very natural and does not require the use of creams or cosmetics unless you use a natural serum
  • Restores the skin's vitality and freshness
  • By encouraging the production of self-collagen in the body to restore the place of the dermapen
  • Eliminates pigmentation
  • Spots and melasma caused by the sun and other factors
  • security

It does not cause problems like those caused by preparations made of chemicals that may harm the skin more than treat it 

The difference between the dermapen and the derma roll 

If both the dermapen and the roller are the same, but the dermapen is preferred to be used by specialists, and the roller can be used by yourself. Also, the dermapen is more accurate and effective, and that is because the needles that make up it focus on the small areas that the roller cannot reach, as well as the dermapen is characterized The fact that the needles are dropped perpendicular to the skin, unlike the roller, which requires dropping them diagonally, which leads to a long recovery period and the result may not be satisfactory. 

Dermapen Therapy at Novello Clinic 

Using the dermapen on your skin has extensive experience, as well as defining the area where the needles are to be dropped is known and planned in advance, does not cause any pain or problems in the skin, the dermapen experience in Novello is completely different and the result is very impressive 

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